About Us

Since 1985, Fobb’s Lawn & Tree Service has been an active and successful family owned Odessa Tree Company carrying a splendid legacy of tree care services and landscape design & maintenance for last three decades.

We are offering our tree care services in Odessa, TX since we have discovered that there were a true need and demand for our skills and services for the unique challenges of tree trimming, tree removal and landscape services by the many people, families, and businesses. As experts in tree care industry and now using the finest arborist tools and technology, the Fobb’s Lawn & Tree Service continue to strengthen our ability and commitment to giving the highest quality services to every customer and every job. We offer a broad range of tree care services such as tree stump service, tree trimming service, lawn service, landscape design and maintenance, concrete patio flooring, landscaping supplies. We understand that our services can be required anytime and anywhere in Odessa, TX. Considering that, we offer best quality tree services in Odessa on the emergency basis too. We are no doubt the best tree cutters in all Odessa. We help our clients in need by offering our expertise earned after working in Odessa's tree care industry for around last three decades.

32 years active and with a bright future ahead, Fobb’s Lawn & Tree Service is honored to be the integral part of caring and maintaining the natural beauty of our Odessa environment, and has been rated the top Odessa Tree Company. We offer free estimates and consultations for tree trimming and tree removal in Odessa, TX. Please read through our website to find further information about our tree services and landscaping services. Contact Fobbs Lawn & Tree Service today to schedule a free consultation and estimate.