Tree Stump Removal Service

Tree removal is a common everyday service we provide at Fobbs Lawn & Tree Service. Many people ask; why do you have to remove trees? There are plenty of legitimate reasons, but ninety-nine percent of the time, it’s for you and your family's safety, the safety of others, as well as protection of your property. This goes for homes, businesses, buildings, storefronts, and public/government property.

All of us here at Fobbs Lawn & Tree Service only remove trees at either customer discretion or if it’s necessary. In the past days, people have been seriously hurt by falling branches, and even falling trees! Think about it, if trees that had damaged homes, buildings, windows or hurt people had been inspected in the proper way beforehand, there’s an excellent chance that this damage could have been prevented. When it comes to the people in Odessa, Fobbs Lawn & Tree Service will do anything to keep our fellow neighbors safe. So in certain cases, tree removal does become a necessity.

Although we’re nature lovers at heart, sometimes a tree removal is the last option available. There are various motives why trees may need to be removed; these include when the tree is dead, dying or diseased, the tree is leaning towards people or property, the tree has outgrown its growth area. Also, the tree cutting services are called if the roots of a tree are causing significant disturbance to walkway areas, the tree branches are rubbing up against windows, roofs, or power lines, Storm Damage, Fungi, cracks in the wood, losing the dead bark and much more.

We provide expert tree stump removal & grinding services throughout the Odessa, TX and can help you grind and remove your tree stump.