Tree Trimming Service

Tree trimming and pruning are essential for health and beauty of your trees and the personal safety of your family and home. If you have ever wondered about how your home would look after watching one of those typical home makeover shows, just wait till you see the difference our tree care services can make!

Tree Cutting is done for a variety of reasons, including safety, vanity and the blocking off paths or sight. Your security is a must and tree branches could be very dangerous. Old, dead branches fall all the time; it’s whether you’re underneath the tree when that happens which is what makes trimming trees regularly so important! Tree pruning and trimming offered by the Fobbs Lawn & Tree Service are quite essential to remove dead branches, prevent crowding and rubbing branches, keep limbs from damaging roofs and gutters, reduce safety hazards, increase light and air penetration. When trees are trimmed correctly, it helps to prevent damage to property or bodily injury and improves airflow that will lessen the possibility of storm damage. Tree trimming and pruning are a necessary and important service for any tree out there. We handle, cut and remove dead wood and old tree branches to prevent any danger for the future. Many clients have beautiful trees that could use proper trimming due to branches that haven’t grown in the exact right way or are visually unsightly. We at Fobbs Lawn & Tree Service, Odessa, TX can quickly remove all unsightliness and restore your trees to natural states of beauty.